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Complaints and Claims

When submitting your complaint or claim through this form, please include as much detail as possible to assist us in efficiently addressing your concerns. Start by providing all the information required (*). Next, give us a thorough description of the alleged damage. If possible, attach clear pictures of the damage, as visual evidence can greatly aid in our assessment. In cases where you have obtained a repair estimate, kindly include this document as well. It helps us understand the extent and potential cost of the replacement or repairs needed. Most importantly, don't forget to provide your best contact information, ensuring we can reach you without delay for any further clarification or updates. We understand that dealing with complaints and claims can be stressful and assure you that our team is here to help.

Are you the registered vehicle owner?

NOTE: If NO above, please understand that we can only communicate with the registered owner, please have the registered owner complete and submit the complaints and claims form.

Describe in detail your complaint or claim, attach any supporting pictures or documentation (repair estimates etc.) and what your expected result is:

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Please note, our complaints/claims process may take up to 2 to 3 business days to initiate a response. We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding during this period, and we are committed to handling your complaint/claim with the utmost care and attention.

DISCLAIMER: In accordance with current Federal and State of Texas legislation and the policies and procedures of HNS Recovery, it is crucial to address the potential civil and legal consequences associated with filing false or missing claims for personal property alleged to be inside a repossessed vehicle.

From the moment your vehicle arrives at our secure storage facility, it is under high-quality video surveillance.  Our property removal and cataloging procedures require our yard personnel to remove and catalog your property while wearing a bodycam.  This footage begins prior to the opening of your vehicle and is an integral part of our records.  The footage will be reviewed to determine the accuracy of your alleged claim.

Such claims, if found to be deceitful or inaccurate, constitute a serious breach of legal integrity and the intent to commit business defamation and fraud.

Consumers are hereby advised that knowingly providing false information or failing to disclose relevant details about personal property within a repossessed vehicle can lead to potentially severe civil and legal consequences. These may include civil liability for fraud, potential criminal charges, and substantial financial penalties.

It is a legal obligation of all claimants to ensure the accuracy, veracity, and completeness of your claims regarding personal property in repossessed vehicles.  Please understand that false claims will be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible in both civil and criminal courts.  All verified claims will be remedied upon satisfactorily completing the investigation.

Our company maintains a strict policy of adherence to legal standards and ethical practices in these matters, and we urge the consumer and our clients to comply fully with these principles to avoid detrimental legal outcomes. 

Thanks for submitting!

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