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Personal Property Storage

HNS Recovery is your reliable ally in collateral recovery, offering a wide range of services including secure and efficient personal property storage solutions. When collateral is recovered, it often contains personal property that requires careful and responsible handling. Our personal property storage service ensures that all personal items found within recovered assets are professionally managed, securely stored, and returned to the rightful owner.

What We Offer



Personal property is safeguarded against loss, damage, or unauthorized access.


Peace of Mind

Asset owners can have confidence that their personal belongings are in safe hands.


Legal Compliance

We ensure that all actions related to personal property storage adhere to legal and contractual requirements.



Our process streamlines the handling and return of personal property, reducing potential conflicts

At HNS Recovery, we provide comprehensive solutions for the collateral recovery industry. Our personal property and asset storage services reflect our commitment to professionalism, ethics, and customer care.

Choosing HNS Recovery’s Personal Property services means partnering with a team that prioritizes the security and responsible handling of personal belongings left behind in recovered assets. Reach out to us today to learn more about how our team can assist you with your collateral recovery needs. Trust us to handle personal property and assets with care and integrity, ensuring a smooth recovery process for all parties involved.

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